No customer service representative wants to answer the same question a hundred times a day. No sales representative wants to talk to people who aren’t going to buy. And if you’re leading an organization, it’s difficult to handle these problems. Chatbots provide a solution to both of these problems.


Chatbots are software applications that simulate human conversation. They follow a set of pre-designed rules to mimic real-life interactions and answer customer questions. In addition, chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) can analyze these interactions at an almost human level.

The best chatbots interact with more people faster than humans will ever be able to. The trick is knowing when and how to use them. In many cases, you’ll find that chatbots are basically a more informal way for people to navigate your website.


  • Chatbots offer a 24/7 response system, thus also providing continued communication between your business and your customers.
  • While operators are able to focus on one customer at a time, chatbots can provide instant responses to multiple customers.
  • ChatBots are cheap to set up and if programmed correctly they would do the job exactly as expected without any error.
  • Chatbots have a positive impact on SEO results, as well. They provide benefits like Increasing time spent on a landing page, Decreasing bounces, and better ratings


  • Chatbots can have difficulty understanding the variety of ways in which people talk — such as slang, and misspelled words, which can lead to misunderstandings.
  • Most chatbots offer only a few responses for the site visitor to choose from. So there’s a good chance your visitors will not find what they are looking for. 60% of consumers think humans are able to understand their needs better than chatbots.
  •  No matter what kind of chatbot you use, you have to optimize them regularly to ensure buyer and customer satisfaction. They’re not a tool you can set and forget. 

In the Future chatbots will definitely overcome these challenges and be used for improving human capabilities and free humans to be more creative, productive, and innovative, spending more of their time on strategic rather than tactical activities.

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